Search Engine Marketing Overview
Some people achieve a top 10 placements in major search engines and yet fail to get genuine results. Other’s who achieve top 10 placement experience high quality traffic that results in major success. What is the difference? My process is unmatched in “knowing” not guessing about the online behavior of your ideal target audience. Here is how we do it.

Real-Time Keyword Research
Discover the true keywords being used by your target audience, and you’ll see your traffic skyrocket! Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. Here’s how we differ from many other search engine marketers

  • We will examine actual, real-time search results, which are initiated by the target audience from within the last 30 days in order to determine phrases that have the highest demand but possess the lowest competition on each of the major search engines.
  • • We will extract the hottest related keyword phrases that we can identify from 300 million queries recently used and we will compile a list of top 300 recommended phrases, topics and subject matter.
  • We’ll examine real-time data for the most commonly misspelled keywords within the last 30 days for inclusion to your keywords.
  • This list can be used for the use of pay per click campaigns on Google, MSN and Yahoo (

Construction & Optimize of high performance pages
Gateway information pages are designed for search engines based on specific information to achieve high rankings with the search engines and produce targeted traffic to Your Web site. To accomplish this We will:

Construct 5 high performance pages
We will optimize your content, articles and feature stories based on my researched findings. (one phrase per page, up to 25 pages)

Manual registration with each major search engine

  • We will register each high performance page by hand with each major search engine.
  • We will process submissions in accordance with each specific search engines preferences for optimal performance.
  • We will process submissions in priority sequence to get optimal results fast.

Ongoing Monthly Services
Building an incoming links network and page rank we are going to build your website an incoming links network. This network of links will be created by links exchange as well as by smart spreading of press releases and articles. Our unique submission tools and process enable you to get results faster.

Watchdog service for online behavioral trends
We will be your watchdog on the Web and will conduct regular reviews of new activities, trends and interests of your ideal target audience. We will scour over 300 million queries with a sharp eye to recommend certain products and services, which are in high demand from your target audience. These will be quality recommendations that your competitors will likely never be aware of.

Monitoring the position of each gateway page
We will check your site’s positions in the major search engines. Find out in minutes, rather than hours, how you rank on every keyword or phrase that is important to you, on each of the most important search engines. We will track visitors and where they came from to answer questions like: “What keywords are people searching for to find my site?” or “Which search engines send me the most traffic?” and more! This will help insure continued success while giving you measurable results for tracking the amount of free advertising you generated.

An Analysis of your monthly statistical traffic
We will provide an analysis of your monthly statistical analysis of site traffic levels. Information includes the following data:

  • most requested pages
  • least requested pages
  • top entry pages
  • exit pages
  • what countries visitors are viewing your Web page from
  • how long they visit each page
  • from where they were referred
  • activity levels
  • top referring search engines
  • plus many more details

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